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Vacuum jar for keep baby food fresh

Release time:2014-07-14



1The market generally crisper, with sealing properties, but due to technicalproblems,the generally crisper can not be realize the truly permanent preservation

2HMF vacuum preservation techniques are: at the top of storage tank therehas an air detector, when detected the air inside the bottle, air will bewithdrawn automatically, forming a real vacuum space& makes permanent preservation come true

3 PMA material                                                                                                            

4 applied for a patent PTC

5, the battery can be used for 3 months

6heart-shaped ring-pull, easy to remove the cover, designedintimate.

7 8-10 million units per month


oCan be use for keep food fresh and other things needed moisture proof

oSuch as milk power, coffee, candy, cookie, baby food  , jam, moon cake, dried food,,canned food,  rice, oil, tea,  fruit, vegetables, other dry goods& more


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