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Release time:2014-09-20


Our top performer, this classic model comes in twenty-five colors, including yellow pepper and cobalt blue; when it’s not in use, it will make a design statement on your countertop .


1.Exceptional performance at all mixing tasks

2.Excellent manual with recipes

3.Comes with beater, whisk, dough hook, and pouring shield

4.5 quart bowl can handle 9 cups of flour                                                

5.Head locks into place in the upright position

6.Speed settings are very easy to read

7.Speed settings click into place

8.Bowl, beater, and dough hook can go in the dishwasher

9.Hub to attach accessories like a food grinder, pasta maker, and blender

10.Comes in many bright colors


1.Spatters a lot on high speed

2.Many crevices to clean

3.Whisk need to be hand washed

4.Manufacturer’s Warranty: Limited One Year

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