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Release time:2015-06-13


Recalling the past 15 years, the Internet / mobile Internet through the following stages of several major development:


Commodity trading, 2005-2013

Social / games, 2007- so far

Service transactions / O2O, 2010- so far

Finance, 2013 so far

So what is the next wave penetration trends? Zhang Peng considered from consumer to enterprise level services, namely 2C to 2B. 2B past market is facing high cost of sales, long sales cycle, decision-making processes and complicated dilemma, and its development is far behind in 2C. But in the new environment, 2B has come. Based on Internet / mobile Internet enterprise services will be Next Big Thing. The reason is:

First, the SME market is huge blank.

Second, large changes in the macroeconomic environment. This includes three aspects:

Mature hardware and software environment (network environment, smart devices, etc.);

Service scenario changes: the popularity of mobile Internet, instant messaging technology makes communication costs are significantly reduced.

Changes in the way services, such as cloud computing, the rise of SaaS.

Third, enterprise-class services in China is in the process of rapid innovation and rapid penetration of. This is mainly reflected in two aspects:

Accelerate the needs of SMEs, from unconsciousness to immediate needs.

Scenarios of diversification: communication, collaboration, marketing, and management.

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