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Release time:2015-06-13


For Made in China, the biggest advantage of Internet integration is to achieve information transparency and customization.

Haier Internet facility is a typical example. Consumers can visit the official mall Haier customized content, complete orders, production, logistics and other sectors, all production processes are in the consumer's hands. This C2F model to subvert the traditional business structure, so that all production processes are launched around the demand, greatly improving production efficiency, reduce cost of sales.

The equipment manufacturing + Internet will enable enterprises in the face of customer demand, quickly and effectively respond to and meet their individual needs. From accepting orders, procurement of raw materials, product design to put into production, each link connected together via the Internet, the information will provide guidance for production, so as to ensure the final production to meet customer demand for personalized products.

With the purchase more personalized, companies will abandon the conventional mass production, bulk sales of old models, by custom, to maximize meet procurement needs, but also will create new profit growth point manufacturing enterprises.

"The traditional business + Internet, not just reduce the cost of access to information, more narrow the distance with the user, the user gets personalized products and customized services, enterprises have obtained substantial profits."

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