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Release time:2015-07-11


With the growing prosperity of foreign trade development, foreign trade e-commerce business model has become the industry focus. In the B2B and B2C parallel era in the field of foreign trade between the two seems to be difficult higher low. The idea identity B2C, said that "foreign trade B2C model is opened up manufacturing facilities from China to overseas consumers of the whole industry chain"; but on the other side, with an annual foreign trade B2B and huge trading volume show its large-scale development. Today, under the "Internet +" boom, foreign trade B2B and B2C trade who can fly higher in the air farther it?

China has been a wide range of products, low prices and widespread foreign consumers love. But due to the store to buy less foreign entity or the problem of higher prices, consumer interest and can not be met. The emergence of foreign trade B2C just solve this problem. On the one hand overseas buyers to the inexpensive products; on the other hand, domestic enterprises through Internet sales, received considerable "windfall" revenues. Thus, the foreign trade B2C blowout development, we are eager to win a share of expectations in this field.

More importantly, after the development of the advantages of foreign trade B2C industry, traditional suppliers will choose their own electricity supplier, market share bigger and bigger, so the platform development will be limited.

That is why we open up on Amazon, Ebay as the brand Your's.  Maybe soon, one of these products will get to your hand.



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