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Release time:2015-08-15


Introduction: In fact, in the past two years, we have seen the Internet giant investment in cloud services, Amazon cloud, cloud Baidu, Ali cloud, Tencent cloud, US corporations are doing cloud, thunder clouds are doing.

Unlike these giants - the cloud as a complement to their business, but also from a variety of application tools for individuals, as well as a group of entrepreneurs who start off as his own enterprise services business direction.

When many domestic entrepreneurs immersed in the frenzy O2O, enterprise-class service is quietly becoming a new focus of attention of investment institutions. But unlike consumer-oriented applications, business in this area requires more expertise and more patience to possible success.

Most people think that science and technology start-ups is the road to riches. Especially those three or four years that is the creation of one billion US dollars valuation thirty-four Venture Star, such as the United States together superior product Chen Ou, unfamiliar street Tang Yan, the US group net Wang, more so that people convinced of this.

Indeed, consumer-oriented (To C) of the field, got ten million US dollars a year business financing companies abound. However, at the other end of the market, for those entrepreneurs for business (To B) of it, compared to the appalling To C a few times per year growth, To B company growth usually 2-3 times per year, and from start to get ten million US dollars investment even faster but also about three years, if it is very quiet.

"China and the US venture capital investment ratio and To B To C in two areas, in China 95% To C, 5% is To B, and the United States 40% To B, 60% is To C." Returned LinkedIn entrepreneurship former senior director of business analysis department, now CEO Zhang Xi Meng told the "Financial World" magazine.

Investment institutions handfuls To B field is divided into two categories. A trading platform is based, such as the first Alibaba, or vertical industry recently came out of the rookie, looking steel mesh, plastic mesh find resonance science and technology, these platforms to dealmaking between enterprises based, another Species is a business-class service, primarily business-oriented tool applications, including sales management, personnel management, customer service, software development, data analysis.

In the United States, since 1999, a cloud-based customer relationship management software and services (CRM, Customer RelationshipManagement) provider Salesforce creation, enterprise-class service has become an important part of the US venture capital industry. Currently, listed companies in the United States, the business-class service company to become an important new force. Salesforce early in June 2004 successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, current market value of $ 48 billion, has become a business-class services giant.

But in China, although in the past decade there have been entrepreneurs doing, also continued to have some investors to participate, but it has not the mainstream enterprise applications entrepreneurship and investment in China, but not a market capitalization of listed companies billions of dollars .

"We often say, when internal meetings, do O2O, do social investment projects so happy, worth of projects, but we voted enterprise-class service, every single shot fired from the need for more precise targeting." Vice president of Matrix Partners China Xiong Fei told the "Financial World" magazine. Xiong Fei left and Matrix Partners China partner Ling Ye, Zhou Zi Yan and analysts primarily responsible for corporate services at latitude market investments.

However, people have felt the change. According to China's latitude and longitude data, 2014 China ToB field a billion in revenue, only one level of start-up companies, but this year has more than 10 a.

"2015 will be the first year of investment in enterprise services." Jingwei Chinese partner Ling Ye left the "Financial World" magazine represents.

Investors and entrepreneurs who are confident, I believe I was standing at the next outlet. "Enterprise-class applications 'golden age' has arrived." Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff, then inspired them.

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