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At the top of storage tank there has an air detector, when detected the air inside the bottle, air will be withdrawn automatically, forming a real vacuum space, makes permanent preservation come true.
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1. Dimension:                          D140*H170mm

2. Capacity:                             1.8L

3.  Weight:                                450g

4. Working Time (Empty):        70sec ±10%

5.Current:                                150MA

6.Pump Power:                        18.0 KPa

7.Sealed Vacuum Pressure:    15 Kpa ±10%  

8.Reseal Pressure:                     14.95 Kpa ±5%

9.Reseal Working Time:                   ≤ 1 sec

10.Auto Reseal When Pressure Drop:           ≤ 0.01%

11.Noise:                                                          ≤ 58 dB

12.Battery Consumption (Duracell 3xAAA) at Empty Jar:  ≥300 times

13.Battery Consumption (Duracell 3xAAA) at Reseal:    ≥15,000 times

Gift box dimensions150*150*180mm

Packing Gift box + PE bags

Item No.HMF-VC-201

Body materialPlastic

Lid materialPlastic


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