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The best way to think of the Food Processor Natura is as a compact cooking station, because it does the job of over 10 different appliances. Not only that, but it's easy to use.
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Look, most of us are busy nowadays and we're constantly hearing about the dangers of the fast-food lifestyle. Something like the Food Processor can give us that little extra boost so that preparing nutrient-rich dinners can be done much more quickly (and with fewer dirtied pots and pans).

The magnificent thing about it is the majority of the steps needed to make a dish can be done with the one machine. If you're making a soup, you don't need to dirty a cutting board, knives, colander, saucepan, etc., because you can do it all in the Food Processor's jug. And the stirring and cooking can be done in there, too.

Having the Food Processor will certainly add some much appreciated variety to any household's weekly menu. Everything from the soup that opens a big celebratory meal to the kinds of desserts that everyone raves about (lemon mousse, anyone) can be quickly made with the unit. The folks at New Wave were kind enough to include a recipe book, too.

Did we mention how speedy this thing is? Salads can be done in 10 seconds. Juices and drinks only take 10 - 20 seconds.Sauces a mere 3 - 5 minutes. And the kicker is that homemade soups of both the creamy and chunky varieties can be created in 10 - 20 minutes (with minimal mess in the kitchen).

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